Major depression is a serious psychiatric condition, characterized by persistent feelings of sadness, guilt or worthlessness and often accompanied by difficulty concentrating, remembering or making decisions, loss of interest in people and/or activities that once brought you pleasure, change in eating or sleeping habits, feeling tired all the time, restlessness or irritability, and sometimes thoughts of death, suicide or harming yourself.

Depression literally ways heavy on your body and makes one feel achy all over. It encourages a person to isolate, not answer the phone and keep the shades drawn. Depression feels like a persistent gray cloud hanging over your head day in and day out. It refuses to allow the sun in. Negative thoughts become primary. In order to get better, a person needs to do the complete opposite of what their depression is telling them to do. Depression can be debilitating but it is a highly treatable condition.

It can be difficult to make that first call. But then you can sit down in a confidential setting and discuss the various treatment options, learn more about the illness, learn coping skills to better manage your thoughts and emotions and decrease the above symptoms.

  • Depression