Adolescence. A time in life where friendships are extremely important. Its imperative to understand developmentally what is normal for teenagers. Its through friendships where they learn about socializing, fitting in, learning about themselves. This is a time when they begin to assert some independence, think for themselves, experiment with the development of who they are through hair color, make-up, how they dress and who they befriend and develop values and morals.

This is a time of change. Their bodies are changing. They are not children but they are not adults. It can be a difficult emotional period for many if they do not have the coping skills to manage their emotions, resolve conflict withparents and friends, process grief and loss, deal with peer pressure, refrain from using drugs and alcohol and succeed academically.

Adolescents can react with depression, anxiety, anger issues, self-harming behaviors, abuse drugs/alcohol. They face the same issues as adults.

  • Adolescent Therapy

Therapy can help a teenager identify and express emotions while simultaneously increasing those skills to better manage life problems. It’s a safe place where teenagers can express themselves, feel heard and validated. Everyone deserves a safe place to talk, someone who will listen without judgment. Therapy can be that place.